We aim to have a democratic community that is free of poverty, hunger, and diseases and enjoys a good quality of education, standards of living, and social well-being


SHDEPHA+ is committed to reducing income and non-income poverty, hunger, human suffering, diseases, and the impact and spread of HIV/AIDS by empowering marginalized and vulnerable people, most at-risk populations, and communities in general to achieve Community-based and sustainable human development.


A democratic community that is free of poverty, hunger, and diseases and enjoys a good quality of education, standards of living, and social well-being


Using SHDEPHA+ core values and mission to work toward the Millennium Development Goals to improve the lives of marginalized and vulnerable groups, most at-risk populations, and communities in general


  • - Sustainability
  • - Accountability
  • - Transparency
  • - Equity
  • - Team Work
  • - Cooperation

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World TB Day


Earlier Last week @shdephakahama participated in the Commemoration of the World TB Day at Simiyu Where the Guest of honor was Hon.Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa who also addressed the community on the cooperation efforts to end TB......
Supportive Supervision

Msalala DC-Segese Ward

With TACAIDS regional focal person,CHMT representatives , delegation from FHI360 and shdepha team -Reviewing the progress of Violence prevention response implementation status at Msalala district council,the intervation prevents violence against women and children,and respond to it when it does occur.
Stop child labour


Community TB Outreach Program


Kahama Community TB Outreach Program is an 18 months from March 2017 to August 2018, the program funded by UNOPS with the core purpose of building an effective and sustainable capacity to utilize, coordinate, collaborate and leverage community and clinical efforts and resources to improve TB case detection, linkage and treatment in the Evaluation population (EP) which covers two districts including Kahama Town Council (TC) and Msalala District Council (DC) in Shinyanga Region, Tanzania.  Kahama Community TB Outreach Program works in 38 wards specifically 18 wards for Msalala District Council and 20 wards for Kahama Town Council..
Supporting the Local Community


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Break the Silence!


No problem is too big for not talking about it. Take the first step and break the silence! Contact us or simply come to our office. We will treat you 100% anonymously and try to help - no matter what. The first step to change your life starts with you!



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Management PROFILES

Venance Muzuka

Excutive Director

Shekha Nassoro

Deputy Programs Director

Rabia Khaji

Head of M&E and TB Portifolio

Adv. Nicemary Musobi

Human Resources Manager

Janeth Cyprian

Finance Manager



ART near everyone in need

Biomedical Technical Officer / Sophia Daniel / 15 April 2023

BY 2007, almost three million people living with HIV (PLWH) were estimated to be receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in low- and middle-income countries, representing 30% of the estimated population needing antiretrovirals (ARVs) in 2007. Sub-Saharan Africa is now estimated to have more than two million people on ART although four years back from 2007 there were 100,000 people on ART and coverage amounted to only 2% (United Nations, 2008).For the (united republic of Tanzania) reports and Analysis of programme data as at September 2019 by the National AIDS Control Programm (NACP) puts the 90-90-90 cascade for Tanzania at 78%-78%-88%...


Data Officer / Thomson Anthon / 21 November 2022

I am happy to get HIV prevention care and HIVST. When I found out I am HIV-negative after HIVST I become very relaxed, I need to protect myself from getting infections. The first time I heard about the HIV prevention service and testing I was excited and I always wait to see if you can give me the kits but when I get the extra for next month now. I wish my best friend in Segese NO.4 to get the test and prevention too. But she was much concern about the truth of the results because after the test she required to visit the Health Facility for the final test. Biomedical team assured the clients that the test is primary and the final results will eliminate the false test in order to ensure the test id true.

Cash Transfer Program influence on reducing economic hardship among the vAGYWs in Msalala District

Data Officer / Thomson Anthon / 24 November 2022

I am so glad because of the project because through CTP I have manage to prepare a farm and plant seeds cucumber and watermelon and also I have manage to also hire a one acre farm to do rice farming through the money remained something which I have never thought if I could alone, I expect when I will harvest the rice, cucumber and watermelon I will be able to have enough money to take care of my children and my family and myself and also to be able to save some of the money for the future use. I would like to applaud the project especially CTP unit because it has manage to raise us and be able to improve our life status therefore I want to recommend that the project to keep on helping us so as to make us able to improve our life and also to continue do economic leverage

The first time i have felt safely during pregnancy period

Data Officer / Thomson Anthon / 18 November 2022

Elizabeth Faustine is married and blessed two have two children with the young being 2 weeks old. Over the years Eliza was not attending antenatal clinic leading to her having miscarriages and this has been a disappointment to her life, since she lost three of her babies on the process. At first Eliza didn’t know what was the cause for the miscarriages, since she was not aware of the necessary clinical services that were required for pregnant women to have, thus made her to rely on her herbal medicine during her pregnancies. Maecenas mattis risus eget orci rhoncus.

Break the silence

Data Officer / Thomson Anthon / 14 November 2022

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